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Essential Selling Skills


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Online with Tutor

About this course

Essential Selling Skills will consist of a one-day course with the following learning outcomes: 

  • Identify target businesses to prospect 
  • Describe the importance of cold calling businesses to prospect 
  • Effectively getting past the Gatekeeper 
  • Create an elevator pitch and their importance in sales 
  • Be able to cold call a prospect 
  • Describe cold calling best practice 
  • Present a product or service effectively to a prospect 
  • Describe how to generate referrals for lead generation 
  • Describe different methods of closing a sale 
  • Overcome different common objections in a sale 
  • Negotiate costs for a product/service effectively 

Course Dates

25th May 2022

The online with tutor course cost is £150 per delegate.
The online with tutor course with the Accelerate grant cost is £90 per delegate

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