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Advanced Selling Skills

Online with Tutor


About this course

Advanced Selling Skills Course will consist of a one-day course with the following outcomes: 

  • Explain communication strategies for C-Suite stakeholders 
  • Create a buyer persona for C- Suite stakeholders 
  • Be able to communicate effectively with C-Suite stakeholders 
  • Qualify a senior level prospect for the appropriate sales solution 
  • Identify the importance of organisational buy in for a sale 
  • Utilise tactics to gain commitment from across an organisation to gain buy in 
  • Demonstrate advanced subject matter expertise in your product suite 
  • Identify a range of common and niche objections in your industry 
  • Plan for objection handling strategies for common and niche objections 
  • Overcome advanced objections for senior stakeholders 

The training is structured with a morning session including break, a lunch hour then an afternoon session including break.   We will work with learners/employers in relation to start and end times and are flexible when it comes to days so will schedule these in consultation with stakeholders.  Each block of training will consist of trainer input, demonstrations, YouTube videos, practical activities such as learners being given scenarios and asked to undertake activities that they have explored during the training.  Throughout the course learners will be presented with a range of case studies and will review these both individually and in groups to review the tools/techniques used and the outcomes and apply the key learnings to their practical tasks.

All training is remote and as such participants will require access to a computer/laptop.

After enrolment has been completed the trainer will email a link to the virtual classroom and instructions on how to join to participants so an email address will be required.  We will provide an in-house certificate on completion.   The required evidence template will also be completed.

The online with tutor course cost is £150 per delegate.
The online with tutor course with the Accelerate grant cost is £90 per delegate

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