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Agile Project Management Practitioner (AgilePM) with Practitioner Exam

This course is delivered by SMMT Industry Forum

Accredited by APMG (APMG Group) International

About this course

The Agile Project Management Practitioner training course is the final stage of the full AgilePM qualification. It is taught in a virtual classroom environment and consists of the last two days of the Agile Project Management syllabus. This course will help you understand how to practically implement the Agile methodology and concepts into a project, making projects more responsive to any adjustments in scope, without compromising on product quality.

Our Agile Project Management classroom courses are delivered by qualified trainers who have extensive experience in the project management industry utilising the Agile methodology. They all provide a working knowledge of theoretical and practical Agile processes, demonstrating their 15+ year experience working in project management.

Who should attend

Agile Project Management is suitable for both experienced Project Managers who want to train in Agile disciplines, and for new Project Managers who wish to gain a globally recognised qualification.

This Agile Project Management online course is ideal for:

  • New Project Managers who work in an organisation that uses Agile and who need to improve their knowledge
  • An Agile project team member who wants to better understand their role and perform it well
  • Project Managers who need to cross-train from another management methodology
  • People who need documented proof of their Agile experience
  • Individuals who are cross-training for a role in project management and need a qualification to open new employment options


The Agile Project Management Practitioner classroom course is ideal for any Project Manager who already has an Agile Foundation certificate and currently looking to become certified as a Practitioner.


2 days

Topics Covered

  • Consolidate your previous Agile knowledge
  • Roles and responsibilities and appropriate delegation
  • Preparing for an Agile project
  • Successfully implement an Agile methodology into all aspects of your projects
  • Communication in an Agile project
  • Iterative development
  • Prioritisation and time boxing
  • Maintaining control in an Agile project
  • Anticipating and managing risk
  • Requirements and Estimating
  • Agile Planning


  • Objective examination. 4 questions (20 points per question).
  • 40/80 points required to pass the exam (50%).
  • Duration 2.5 hours.
  • Open book (only the official AgilePM manual is allowed).

Course cost is £900 per delegate
Course cost with Accelerate grant is £540 per delegate

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