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Strategic Talent Planning

University of Chester

This course is delivered by the University of Chester

About this course

Empowered managers make a business, setting a culture of wellbeing and success for high functioning teams and future growth.  Our advanced manager courses offer a personalised development programme to boost your skills-set, future-proof your business and energise your teams.  They enable you to demonstrate your continuing professional development in a range of key areas, from leadership to sustainability.  They can count towards a full Work Based and Integrated Studies degree from the University of Chester.

Understand how your organisation can plan its talent for today and in the future and create a continuous learning culture, with people, community and value at the core of your decision-making activities.

Course length:

26th May, 2022, 10am - 4pm

Course cost is £500 per delegate
Course cost with Accelerate grant is £300 per delegate

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