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Web Based Collaborative User Training (SharePoint)

Square One

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About this course

Upon successful completion of the course users will be able to utilise the features of the SharePoint Services to navigate the search sites, work with the document libraries and lists and manage documents between SharePoint and Microsoft Office.

You will learn and understand what SharePoint is, and how to gain access to it from within Office and your Internet Browser. Learn how to organise and manage documents, events, tasks, lists and other items. - and how to collaborate within a team. You will learn how to use search to find documents and open them from  Microsoft Office applications and collaborate using Office Online.

Topics covered:

  • Overview of SharePoint Online: What is Office 365 and SharePoint Online; The Site Member role; Connect to SharePoint Online Exploring a SharePoint Site; Logging onto Office 365 and SharePoint Online.
  • The SharePoint User Interface: The Ribbon; Standard and Classic View; Navigation vs. Search; Site Contents view; Recycle Bin
  • SharePoint Apps: What is a SharePoint App?; Add SharePoint App
  • Working with Lists: Creating Lists; Announcements; Links; Contacts; Calendar; Connect Lists to Outlook; Introduction to Custom Lists Working with Document Libraries: Document Library vs. Network Drive; Working with Document Libraries; Uploading documents; View in File Explorer; Creating new documents; Editing documents with applications; Editing documents in the browser; co-authoring; Check Out/In; Managing and organising documents; Metadata
  • List and Library Views; Sorting, filtering, and grouping; Accessing Views ; Create a Personal View
  • Working with Document Versioning: Simple Versioning ; Draft and Publish versioning ; Content approval overview
  • Security and Alerts: Checking access ; Understanding security and sharing ; Create an Alert on a document ; Create an Alert on a library ; Create an Alert on a view ; Managing Alerts ; Connect information to Outlook ; Check out / check in a document; Sync a SharePoint Library
  • Document Collaboration: Document Collaboration and co-authoring
  • Discover Information: Updating your profile ; “About Me” and “Ask Me About” ; Newsfeed and OneDrive ; Delve


This course is designed to let non-technical  users who are new or have basic skills to get to grips with the features of Microsoft SharePoint for Office 365. You must have a basic understanding of Windows, Internet Explorer, and the fundaments of Microsoft Office.

Course length:

1 day

Course cost is £360 per delegate
Course cost with Accelerate grant is £216 per delegate

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