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Web Based Collaborative Power User (SharePoint)

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About this course

This 1-day workshop aims to help delegates gain the skills and knowledge needed to effectively manage the content on a SharePoint 2013/2016/Microsoft 365 site and how to structure a site. Power users will learn how to create and manage pages, Document Libraries, and collaboration lists in sites where they have Design level permissions.

Topics covered:

  • The Power User Role: Understanding SharePoint Contributor; Contribute vs. Design vs. Full Control; Introducing SharePoint Governance
  • Site Settings Overview: Look and feel; Navigation Settings; Content and Structure view
  • Built-in app templates; Identify your site content; Create your apps; App Settings; App Settings to consider; Picture Libraries; Discussion boards; Surveys; Custom Lists from scratch
  • Collaboration Lists: Overview of list types; Lists vs. Excel; Creating lists; Name, description, and navigation; Custom lists
  • List Management: Enabling item versioning; Advanced list settings; Exporting lists; Deleting lists
  • List and Library Columns: Choice columns; Lookup columns; Site columns; Managed Metadata
  • Document Libraries: Creating Libraries; Common Library settings; Content ratings
  • Managing Document Versioning; Simple Versioning; Draft and Publish Versioning; Content Approval; Approval workflow; Introducing Content Types
  • Views: Creating views; Sharing Views; Calendar Views; Datasheet Views; Editing views; Deleting views
  • Page Design: Editing text; Wiki editing; Link lists; Adding images; Adding video; Asset libraries
  • Web Parts: Adding web parts; Moving web parts; Editing web part views; Editing web part properties; Promoted Links web part; Understand Content Pages; Wiki Pages; Formatting wiki pages; Pictures; Adding Web media; Hyperlinks; Hyperlinks to an email address
  • Security: Sharing sites; Sharing documents; Checking access; Discussion: Secure subsites; *Only available in sites with
    Publishing Features enabled


This course is for existing SharePoint users who wish to improve their skills and learn how to use the advanced features within SharePoint. You will need be a user that has permissions to create, edit and modify content.

Course length:

1 day

Course cost is £360 per delegate
Course cost with Accelerate grant is £216 per delegate

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