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Microsoft Word Introduction

Square One

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About this course

The course provides an overview of the core features within Word Processing software, making it ideal for those with little or no experience of using this product. It is also suitable for self-taught users, who often do not know how to use the time saving features.

Topics covered:

  • Getting started: Overview of the Ribbon and Views; Customising the Quick Access Toolbar
  • File Management: Creating New Documents; Saving Documents; Opening Documents
  • Editing a Document: Shortcuts for Selecting Text and Paragraphs; Extending Selection of Text; Deleting and Adding Text; Spellchecker and Grammar; Undo/Redo Commands; Page Breaks
  • Text Formatting: Formatting Text i.e., Fonts, Attributes and Colours; Live Preview; Format Painter; Changing the Case; Inserting Equations; Inserting Symbols
  • Paragraph Formatting: Formatting Paragraphs with Borders and Shading; Bullets and Numbers; Alignments; Indents; Tabs; Line Spacing
  • Quick Parts: Add Text to the Quick Parts Gallery; Enter Text Using Quick Parts; Add Text to the Autocorrect Gallery; Enter Text Using Autocorrect
  • Templates; Using Existing Templates: Creating New Templates; Editing Templates
  • Printing: Print Preview; Headers and Footers; Page Setup; Printing
  • Tables: Creating Tables; Customising Tables; Adding Rows and Columns; Formatting Table; Table Design


Delegates should have a good level of PC and windows skills.

Course length:

1 day

Course cost is £234 per delegate
Course cost with Accelerate grant is £104.40 per delegate

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