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Microsoft Word Advanced

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About this course

This course will teach you how to use the advanced features of Word processing too their full potential. By the end of the course, you will be able to create complex documents, with features such as a table of contents, footnotes, bookmarks, and an index.

Topics covered:

  • Working with Master Documents: Creating a Master Document; Creating Subdocuments; Working with Master Documents; Inserting Subdocuments; Formatting a Master Document; Merging and Splitting Subdocuments
  • Table of Contents and Indexing: Inserting a Table of Contents; Updating a Table of Contents; Creating an Index
  • Outline View: Working with Outline View to Promote and Demote Styles; Moving and Copying Text
  • Bookmarks and Cross Referencing: Creating a Bookmark to Edit Text; Cross Referencing a Bookmark; Cross Referencing Styles, Tables and Frames
  • Track Changes and Revision Marking: Editing Documents using Track Changes; Reviewing Edited Documents; Accepting or Rejecting
    Changes; Comparing Documents
  • Footnotes: Creating Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Inserting Information From Other Sources: Inserting Text From Another Document; Linking Word processing
  • Templates: Creating and Saving Templates; Opening and Editing Templates; Protecting Documents
  • Macros: Recording Simple Macros; Assigning a Keyboard Command; Creating a Tool; Assigning and Creating a Tool on the Toolbar. 


Delegates should have experience of using intermediate and basic features in Word processing and who would like to progress further, or for those who have attended
our Intermediate course who wish to increase their knowledge.

Course length:

1 day

Course cost is £264 per delegate
Course cost with Accelerate grant is £158.40 per delegate

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