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Microsoft PowerPoint Essentials

Square One

This course is delivered by Square One
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About this course

This course gives those with little or no experience of working with Presentation Software a good understanding. Learn to create a structured presentation featuring text, colour, graphics, and animation. You will also learn how to deliver dynamic, professional presentations.

Topics covered:

  • Overview of Software: Understanding the Screen, Ribbon and Views; Customising the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Text Slides: Creating Title Slides; Creating Bullet Slides; Customising the Indents; Adding Tabs to Slides; Moving and Sizing Text Boxes; Reapplying the Formats
  • Editing a Presentation: Using Outline View to Edit and Create a Presentation; Using the Slide Sorter; Deleting, Copying and Moving Slides
  • Charts: Creating Chart from within PowerPoint; Selecting the Right Chart; Customising Chart; Updating Charts; Importing Data from Spreadsheets
  • Graphics and SmartArt: Creating Organisation Charts using SmartArt Graphics; Drawing Organisation Charts - Flow Diagrams; Inserting Graphics and Objects; Sizing and Moving Objects; Using the Drawing Toolbar to Create Drawings; Formatting Objects; Aligning and Spacing Techniques; Grouping and Ungrouping Objects
  • Templates, Designs and the Slide Master: Adding a Template/Design; Understanding the Importance of the Slide Master; adding Images to all Slides; Customising the Layouts of Slides; Customising the Bullets, Fonts and Colour and Formatting; Changing the Background Colour
  • Animating Text, Graphics and Slides and Presenting: Using Entrance, Emphasis and Exit Animation; Slide Transitions; Setting up the Slide Show; Tips for Delivering an Effective Presentation; Keyboard Shortcuts for Presentations
  • Printing Hand-outs, Speaker Notes, Outline View and Slides: Printing Hand-outs for your Audience; Creating and Printing Speaker Notes; Printing the Presentation Outline; Slide Printing Options 


Delegates should have a good knowledge of IT Fundamentals.

Course length:

1 day

Course cost is £264 per delegate
Course cost with Accelerate grant is £158.40 per delegate

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