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Microsoft Excel Intermediate

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About this course

This hands-on interactive training will give you many tips and shortcuts to make you more confident in Spreadsheets and save valuable time. Our Express course is suitable for people that do not want necessarily to need to build spreadsheets but need to analysis data on a weekly basis.

We will show you the core features to allow you to work with VLOOKUPs, IF statements, Data Calculations, Text Calculations, and formatting techniques to manipulate large data. We will show you how you work within tables and analyse data through Pivot Tables and Charts.

We will provide you with the tips and shortcuts to change the way you use Spreadsheets, saving you valuable time and improving your efficiency.

Topics covered:

  • Overview of shortcuts: Recap of Shortcuts and Tips; Customising the Ribbon to include useful shortcuts; Refresh on everyday Formulae; Recap of Absolute Cell Referencing
  • Range Names: Create Range Names; Navigate using Range Names; Print Range Name Areas; Create Formulae using Range Names
  • Advanced Functions: IF Statements; VLOOKUP; COUNTIF
  • Conditional Formatting: Apply Shading, Icon Sets and DataFills to cells based on criteria; Format Painter
  • Working with Large Data: Split your Worksheet; Freeze Panes; Tips on Formatting; Hiding and Unhiding Columns and Rows; AutoFilter
  • including tips and tricks; Sort and Custom Sort; Removing Duplicates
  • Date Functions: Entering date Formulae; Today Formula; Customising Date Formats
  • Text Functions: Use the Trim, Proper, Left and Right Functions; Concatenate Text; Text to Columns; Paste Special Options; Flash Fill
  • Tables: Creating Tables; Formatting Tables; Totals in Tables
  • Pivot Tables: Preparation of Data; Create Pivot Tables; Create Dynamic Pivot Tables; Format Data; Group Data in Pivot Tables; Sorting inside Pivot Tables; Conditional Formatting in Pivot Tables; Creating Tabs from Data; Refresh Data; Report Layouts; Report Subtotals; Slicers; Pivot Charts
  • Pivot Charts and Charting Options: Creating Charts Using a Function Key; Creating Charts Using the Insert Tab; Changing the Chart
    Type; Formatting Charts; Adding Titles and Customising; Sparkline’s; Pivot Charts and Options


Delegates will need to have a good working knowledge of creating/formatting simple spreadsheets, basic formulas, and functions.

Course length:

1 day

Course cost is £234 per delegate
Course cost with Accelerate grant is £104.40 per delegate

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