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Microsoft Excel Dashboards

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About this course

Dashboards track KPIs, metrics, and other data points in one visual, central place. They give you a high-level view of work, helping you make quick decisions and keeping everyone up to date. A dashboard’s visual nature simplifies complex data and provides an at-a-glance view of current status or performance in real time.

Dashboards are made up of tables, charts, gauges, and numbers. They can be used in any industry, for almost any purpose. For example, you could make a project dashboard, financial dashboard, marketing dashboard, and more.

Topics covered:

  • Dashboards: What are they and why should we use them; Examples and information sources; Some Do’s and Don’ts
  • Collecting Information: Lists versus Tables; Advanced Pivot tables; Advanced Charting; 3d addressing; Naming cells and ranges; Using Offset, Index and Match to control data; Using Goal seek and Scenario manager; Using Combos for data selection; Using VBA Forms; Hyperlinks to other information; Obtaining data from other sources and linking using Power Query.
  • Data Preparation: RE-STRUCTURING; Unpivot Column; Group By; Transpose
  • Presenting Information; Using Windows vs Cells; Using Multiple windows; Protecting information; Interactive dashboards; Saving
    and loading dashboards


Experience with Spreadsheets to an intermediate level.

Course length:

1 day

Course cost is £300 per delegate
Course cost with Accelerate grant is £180 per delegate

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