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Microsoft Access Introduction

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About this course

This course gives those who have little or no experience of working with a Database. During the course you will learn how to create a Database with tables, forms, reports, and queries. You will also gain an understanding of the advantages that using a Database can bring to your job role or business.

Topics covered:

  • Getting Started With a Database; Overview Database Design Theory; What is a Relational Database? Screen Elements and Help; Basic Window Elements; Exploring Microsoft Office Backstage; Working with The Ribbon; Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar; Working with KeyTips
  • Tables; Using the Table Wizards; Manual Creation of Tables; Fields, Data Types and Properties; Input Masks; Data Validation; Primary Keys and Relationships
  • Importing Data; Importing from a Spreadsheet File; Importing from a Text File
  • Inputting Data; Adding Data using the Table View; Adjusting the Column Widths
  • Finding Records; Using the Find Feature to Find Records; Using the Replace Feature to Replace Text
  • Filters: Using the Filter Button to Find Records
  • Queries; Designing Queries; Query Wizard Overview; Sorting and Searching Queries; Multi-Table Relationship Queries; Update, Append and Delete Action Queries
  • Forms; Introduction to Form Design; Form Wizards; Toolbox Controls; Combo Boxes and Command Buttons; Main/Sub Form Creation; Creating a Menu Form
  • Reports; Report Wizard; Creating Reports; Printing Reports


Delegates should have a good level of PC and windows skills.

Course length:

1 day

Course cost is £300 per delegate
Course cost with Accelerate grant is £180 per delegate

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