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Microsoft Access Advanced

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About this course

This Course show how to use advanced features in the design of Tables, queries, and forms. Show you how using Macros can automate areas within your databases, how to use built in database tools such as switchboards to manage a database and work with external data to import, export and link data in a database to make them more functional.

Topics covered:

  • Creating Advanced Forms: Designing a Form Based on Joined Tables; Automating Data Entry; Grouped Control; How to Improve the User Interface
    Sub forms Designing, Creating and Adding Sub forms
  • Macros: Create and Run Macros; Attach Macros to Events of Database Objects; Creating Advanced Macros; Create Macros to Provide User Interaction; Create Macros Requiring User Decision; Use AutoKeys and AutoExec Macros; Exploring SQL; How to Identify Different Clauses in an SQL Statement; Writing SQL Statements; Attach an SQL Statement to Database Objects; Integrating the Internet; Work with Hyperlink Fields
  • Managing Databases: Work with Database Utilities To Optimise Resources; Secure Data by Database Replication; Security Fundamentals; Protecting Databases


Delegates who have attended the intermediate course or are experienced users who want to progress to an advanced level.

Course length:

1 day

Course cost is £360 per delegate
Course cost with Accelerate grant is £216 per delegate

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