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Digital Filing – Planner and Digital Notebooks

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About this course

This course is split between Planner and OneNote training – half a day on each. The course is beneficial to teams that want to collaborate and create new projects and organise them by assigning tasks and sharing files. Inside Planner you also can chat with your team and get updates on the progress. Designed to function like an electronic version of a paper notebook, OneNote is a personal information management application for collecting, organising, and sharing information digitally. During our course you will learn how to add and create notes, insert pages, and gather information. You will also learn how to organise your notes by subject or project and how to share notes and collaborate with others.

Topics covered:


  • Getting Started with Microsoft Planner: Overview of Planner; Sign in and log out of Microsoft Planner; Navigation views in the Planner App; Create and Manage Plans; Create a Plan using Planner; Assign Members to a Plan; Manage Plans; Delete Plans
  • Tasks: Create New Tasks in a Plan; Assign Tasks to People; Assign Due Dates to Tasks; Set Up and Manage Tasks in Buckets; Manage, Edit and Delete Tasks; View and Update Tasks Status
  • Team Collaboration and Sharing: Start Team Conversations; Set Up Notifications; Manage Notifications; Attach Files to Tasks; Integrate Planner with Office 365 Apps; View and Monitor Plan Progress; Set Up Favourites
  • Create Charts


  • Getting Started with OneNote: Overview of OneNote
  • Creating Notes: Creating Notes and Notebooks; Working with writing tools; Drawing shapes; Creating Tables; Inserting images; Inserting Outlook Emails and Links
  • Editing Notes: Working with Notes and Objects; Editing Tools; Language Tools
  • Using Stationery and Templates; Organising Notes; Add Tags to Flag Data; To Do Tag; Removing Tags
  • Working with Sections: Pages and Sub-Pages; Finding Information; Organising, Printing and Viewing your Notebook; Using the View Menu; Managing Windows; Printing Notes; Print Preview; Page Setup
  • Integrating with other Office Applications: Inserting Outlook Meeting Details; Creating Outlook Tasks; Working with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; Publish as Web Pages
  • Advanced OneNote Features: Setting OneNote Options; Advanced File Options; Using the OneNote Web App; Sharing a Notebook; View Edit History; Finding Edits by User


A good understanding of Microsoft Office would be an advantage.

Course length:

1 day

Course cost is £300 per delegate
Course cost with Accelerate grant is £180 per delegate

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