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Digital Filing – Communication and Collaboration – Essentials (Teams)

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About this course

Microsoft Teams is the ultimate messaging App and is a workspace for real-time collaboration and communication, meetings, File and App sharing.

Topics covered:

  • Teams vs SharePoint: Understanding the difference between Teams and SharePoint; Benefit of Teams
  • Getting Started: Teams Logon Screen; Viewing Activity Feed, Chat, your Teams, Meetings and Files
  • Teams and Channels: What are Channels and Teams; Creating a Team and Channels; Member vs Owner; Adding members; Adding guests; Edit, leave, or delete a Team; Pinning to top bar
  • Working within Teams: Conversations vs Chat; Send and Reply to private messages; Send and Reply to Team conversations; Edit and Delete messages; Sending and working with Attachments; Document Collaboration; Document Storage; Saving and Liking messages; Creating new Files; Opening existing Files; Organising Team Files; Working with Tabs; Adding Connectors
  • Communication: Instant Messaging; Mentions; Emoji, GIFs and Stickers; Making and Receiving calls; Call options; Video and Audio calls; Adding additional people into IM and calls; Sending Attachments
  • Sharing: Share your Desktop; Creating an Online Meeting via Outlook; Meeting Options; Joining a Meeting; Backgrounds; Sound and Video; Share Screen or App in a Meeting; Presenting PowerPoint; Share a Whiteboard; Create a Poll; Recording a Meeting; Meeting Notes; Exiting a Meeting
  • Breakout Rooms: Creating a Breakout room; Assigning participants; Naming rooms; Switching between rooms; shutting rooms and re-joining the meeting
  • Settings & History: Teams - Best Practice; Outlook and Teams Conversation History


Our Teams training course will teach you  how to send Instant Messages, make Voice and Video calls, share Files and Screens, and have real time meetings. To attend you do not have to have any prior knowledge of Teams – but having basic working knowledge of File Management would be a help.

Course length:

1 day

Course cost is £300 per delegate
Course cost with Accelerate grant is £180 per delegate

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