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Introduction to Wellbeing and Resilience

The Arch Initiative
This course is delivered by The Arch Initiative 
Online with tutor
Face to face setting


A large percentage of this programme covers what mental health is, personal condition management, and developing a greater understanding of wellbeing and building personal resilience. There are no prerequisites. Provider uses online learning platform, Canvas and recommends to use a computer supporting the most recent browser versions.

Areas covered

  • Understanding wellbeing and resilience.
  • How wellbeing and resilience link to mental health.
  • Automatic negative thoughts, and how to tackle them.
  • Exploring tools to build resilience.
  • The art of effective worrying.
  • Five-ways-to-wellbeing.
  • Improving own wellbeing – personal wellbeing-plans.


  • Developing personal confidence.
  • Improving Condition-Management.
  • Developing a more in depth understanding of mental health, mental ill health, and supporting those around them.
  • Improving their own health-and-wellbeing.
  • Becoming more confident managers/team-leaders.
  • Becoming more confident and resilient team-members.

Online with tutor course cost is £96 per delegate
Face to face setting course cost is £132 per delegate
Online with tutor course cost with Accelerate grant is £57.60 per delegate
Face to face setting course cost with Accelerate grant is £79.20 per delegate

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