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Introduction to Resilience and Wellbeing - Six Elements of Resilience © model

This course is delivered by skills provider The Better People 
Online self paced
Introduction to Resilience and Wellbeing - Six Elements of Resilience © model

‘Resilience is the ability to thrive, personally and professionally, even during times of high pressure, rapid change and adversity.’ ~ Thrive

This short self-directed course is based on the Thrive Six Elements of Resilience © model.  It is tailor-made to your organisation and designed as an introduction to resilience and wellbeing, for staff at all levels to study at their own pace.

What will you gain?

  • the understanding of what resilience means; the benefits it brings to reducing stress and improving wellbeing.
  • proven and powerful techniques for minimizing the negative effects of stress
  • techniques for building personal resilience proactively

Who are these workshops for?

Organisations looking to support the mental health, wellbeing, and personal development of team members at all levels.

Course details

3 hours modular online content (videos, self-directed exercises, and workbook)


This course is designed and delivered by our RQi accredited senior coaches Janet Grant, Jayne Marks and David Murray.  With a wealth of experience between them across the finance, broadcasting, sports and pharmaceutical industries, The Better People work with you to design a bespoke coaching package. 

Course cost is £300 per delegate
Course cost with Accelerate grant is £180 per delegate

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