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Managing Health and Safety in the Workplace

This course is provided by The Welding Academy
Classroom Online with Tutor

About this course: 

This IOSH Managing Safely course has been designed to enable managers to introduce new controls and implement changes within their department. The aim of the course is to promote a safer workplace in line with a company’s organisational policy and health & safety compliance. The Welding Academy can offer a blended approach to learning both offering face to face and learning via Zoom. The Welding Academy also offer follow up support as part of the IOSH courses we support clients with the risk assessments in the workplace post courses and provide follow up risk assessment coaching and support.

Outcome for participants: 

  • Explain the component parts of a recognised safety management system such as HSG65, and OHSAS 18001.
  • Identify the data and techniques required to produce an adequate record of an incident and demonstrate the procedure for an accident investigation, recognising the human factors involved. Describe statutory requirements for reporting and procedures for checking for non-reporting.
  • Define ‘hazard’ and ‘risk’, and describe the legal requirements for risk assessment. Outline relevant health and safety legislation, codes of practice, guidance notes and information sources such as the Health and Safety Executive.

At the end of the course candidates will be required to carry out the following:

  • A practical risk assessment based project
  • A short exam (25 multi-format questions)

Course length: 

1 day 

The course cost is £480 per delegate.
The course with the Accelerate grant cost is £288 per delegate

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