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Introduction to Environmental Awareness

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Reaseheath Certificate in Introduction to Environmental Awareness

About this course

Provide an overview of the key environmental concerns around food manufacture and give employees the information required to make a difference to their sites.

Course Outcomes

  • Understand environmental laws and directives.
  • Understand why minimising energy usage is important and the benefits of doing so
  • How businesses affect the environment and learn ways businesses can improve to have a more positive impact
  • Learn how to save energy and water
  • Understand correct, safe waste management procedures
  • Understand the impact of product waste to drain
  • Understand the reporting procedures of product and chemical spills

Course length: 

1/2 day

Course Content

  • The local, regional and global environmental impact of the site
  • Environmental law, enforcement and penalties
  • Consent limits and measurement
  • Energy usage – the different types and their advantages and disadvantages
  • Usage of other utilities such as water
  • The polluting effect of food waste, the cost of treatment both on and off-site
  • Waste management systems and standards such as ISO 14000
  • Emergency procedures for spillage of product, chemicals and waste
  • Requirements for induction and ongoing training of staff
  • Process of implementing procedures for cleaning, disinfection, waste disposal and pest control
  • Importance of, and methods for temperature control within food manufacturing
  • Responsibilities of those working in a manufacturing environment when identifying hazards posed by, and procedures to control microbiological, chemical, physical and allergenic contamination

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The classroom based course cost is £75 
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