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Introduction to Dairy Science, Milk Processing and CIP

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About this course

To develop a basic understanding of the chemistry and microbiology of liquid milk and an overview of dairy processing operations.

Course Objectives

To enable course participant to:-

  • Demonstrate knowledge of dairy chemistry and the relationship to processing operations
  • Demonstrate knowledge of dairy microbiology and the affects of contamination and poor hygiene
  • Show understanding of standard laboratory milk testing
  • Show an appreciation for Critical Control Points associated with liquid milk processing.

Who is the course for?

Processing and Manufacturing Operatives, Team Leaders, Laboratory Technicians and staff in other roles who require an understanding of basic dairy science.

Course length: 

3 days

Course Content

  • Primary Production of Milk
  • Dairy Chemistry - Fats, Proteins, Lactose, Vitamins, Minerals and Enzyme
  • Dairy Microbiology - Classification: Bacteria, Yeast & Moulds. Factors affecting bacterial growth. Spoilage & Pathogenic contamination
  • Quality Testing - Butterfat, Freezing Point, Acidity, TVCs, Enteros, Bactoscan, Resazurin, SCC. CCPs: Antibiotics & Pasteurisation
  • Processing Operations - Separation, Homogenisation, Pasteurisation and Filtration
  • CIP & Hygiene
  • Effluent Treatment - Polluting effects of milk products and treatment techniques
  • Day 3 Practical Sessions - Pasteurisation & Separation. Intro to Dairy Engineering
  • Assessment - Multiple choice test

For further information and cost contact Julie Bent on 01270 613191 or email

The course cost is £800 per delegate
The course cost with Accelerate grant is £480 per delegate

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