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Manufacturing Design Essentials

This course is delivered by SquareOne Training

Online with tutor 

About this course:

As a result of this training, you will be able to create and edit parts and assemblies within your CAD software, allowing you to create production-ready drawings. You will also become aware of how to model the way allowing you to future proof your drawings when you take the next step into automation. 

Areas covered:

  • Learn how to use the user interface. 
  • Discover how to sketch geometry and the importance of constraints. 
  • Create pick and places features, such as holes, fillets and chamfers 
  • Learn about work features, why and when to use them 
  • Uncover the power of using equations in your models 
  • Learn the benefits of display and model manipulation 
  • Discover how to identify and fix problems within your models 
  • Create sweep features from scratch and add to existing geometry 
  • See how to use the loft tool to create complicated models 
  • Learn how to use duplication tools to speed up model creation 
  • Discover the relationships between features 
  • Learn how to use different techniques when creating assemblies
  • Manipulate the assembly display to show different configurations 
  • Discover how to get information from your models 
  • Learn how to present your assemblies using presentation files
  • Uncover the assembly tools to give more flexibility in your models 
  • Create parts and features within the assembly environment 
  • Work with Project files and learn their importance 
  • Learn how to create drawings from both parts and assemblies 
  • Detail drawings by adding annotations to them 

Course length:

4 days

The course cost is £1194 per delegate
The course cost with Accelerate grant is £716.40 per delegate

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