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CAD Civil Engineering

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About this course:

Civil 3D software is a civil engineering design and documentation solution that supports Building Information Modelling (BIM) workflows on a variety of civil infrastructure project types, including roads and highways, land development, rail, airports, and water.

Civil 3D helps civil infrastructure professionals improve project delivery, maintain more consistent data and processes, and respond faster to project changes. Additionally, users can help streamline time-consuming tasks such as intersections, roundabout and corridor design, parcel layout, pipes and grading with specific tools and customisable design standards.

As a result of attending this training, you will be able to organise project data, work with points, create and analyse surfaces, model road corridors, create parcel layouts, perform grading and volume calculation tasks, create assemblies and corridors, calculate corridor volumes, create pipe networks and basic junctions. Improve your project collaboration and workflow
Maximise the impact of your design in 3D.

Areas covered:

  • Use point data to create a site plan that is physically and legally accurate
  • Create a continuous surface that you can use to display contours and elevations accurately
  • Increase the accuracy of elevation calculations
  • Cut and Fill – review site volume calculations based on the terrain model
  • Transform a 2D schematic into a 3D site model by adding a directional surface to elevations
  • Save time by creating grading standards
  • Create long sections and new design profiles in a fraction of the time compared to CAD
  • Use profiles to view elevation data along with a horizontal profile
  • Represent a proposed surface along an alignment
  • View cross sections of elevations along surfaces
  • Create, view and manipulate a 3D model of a path for traffic
  • Incorporate road features into your design, such as lanes, side slopes, ditches and curbs
  • Create a corridor to calculate how much soil to be move, how much concrete and asphalt you need
  • Design and present the flow of a utility system
  • Use aerial photography
  • Add street signs, lampposts, and trees
  • Drive along an alignment
  • Understand best practices to visualise a corridor, tips to show off your work
  • Prepare quick and easy junctions using the Junction Design Wizard
  • Learn undocumented techniques for working with Civil 3D and together

Course length:

3 days

The course cost is £1062 per delegate
The course cost with Accelerate grant is £637.20 per delegate

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