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CAD 2D - Intermediate

This course is delivered by SquareOne Training

Online with tutor 

About this course:

In this module, we will enhance our CAD skills to improve their skills for 2D drawing productions. This course is appropriate for users of all disciplines – architects, engineers, designers, facilities planners, drafters, and others.

  • Learn tips and tricks to speed up drawing production
  • Improve your drawing accuracy
  • Save time by reusing your drawing content
  • Improve drawing consistency 

Areas covered:

  • Use object selection and visibility to speed up your designs
  • Change layer states by freezing, locking and unlocking
  • Isolate, filter and merge layers, use Layer Walk
  • Understand temporary tracking
  • Work with blocks and block settings
  • Understand tool palettes – the easiest way to insert blocks
  • Attach data to your blocks
  • Use drawing templates for the settings that you want to include as the foundation for new drawings
  • Use CAD’s standards tools to work quickly and efficiently
  • Top tips for a drawing layering scheme, create new layers
  • Simplify your day-to-day work by creating layouts that match your printers and paper sizes
  • Make complex drawings easier to navigate with named views
  • Use model space viewports to display multiple close-up views
  • Add annotation scale to objects enabling them to display in viewports at different scales
  • Exert better control over annotation with text and dimension styles
  • Use external references to enable members of a design team share common source files
  • Understand how to create a text object that automatically updates
  • Understand how to display information in a table in your drawing

Course length:

Intermediate: 2 days

The course cost is £540 per delegate
The course cost with Accelerate grant is £324 per delegate

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