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CAD 2D - Advanced

This course is delivered by SquareOne Training

Online with tutor 

About this course:

Customising and managing CAD to suit your particular design application is a great way to increase your productivity. This course teaches simple but powerful customisation techniques and advanced CAD tools. Draw and design faster and with less effort by learning how to customise CAD’s user interface and reduce the number of steps required to perform routine tasks. Save time, work smarter – learn these advanced skills on our 3-day CAD Advanced course.

Areas covered:

  • Eliminate the frustration and confusion in getting the proper scale factors in viewports
  • Extract information from your drawing and display it in a table
  • Use the new Drawing Compare command to highlight different versions of the same drawing
  • Connect directly to the  cloud using A360 for online storage, viewing and sharing
  • Publish views of your drawings while protecting your drawing files
  • Understand the power of CAD’s layer properties manager
  • Filter layers and control their status in each view independently
  • Save a specific configuration of layers and restore it using layer states
  • Configure your drawing standards and check drawings for compliance
  • Automate the process of converting layers from drawings from other sources to match yours
  • Set up plotters and plot styles so drawings print correctly every time
  • Understand CAD’s most important system variables
  • Learn the utilities that help you maintain and manage your drawings
  • Streamline repetitive tasks
  • Protect your drawings by limiting options for those who are less experienced
  • Create workspaces for different situations to maximise productivity
  • Modify the CAD ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar 
  • Modify the action of specific mouse buttons and keyboard keys
  • Create macros and custom routines to combine commands and automate repetitive tasks

Load AutoLISP, VBA or routines for extra functionality 

Course length:

Advanced: 3 days 

The course cost is £660 per delegate
The course cost with Accelerate grant is £399.60 per delegate

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