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Building Information Modelling for Building Services - Content Creation

This course is delivered by SquareOne Training

Online with tutor 

About this course:

Following this training, you will be able to create robust and consistent content for use within MEP. Content that can be used to create intelligent mechanical, electrical and piping systems whose information can be used to check design information and drive changes through your project. You will also create and apply custom fields of data to satisfy specific project delivery requirements.

  • Follow a structured process for creating content
  • Understand the importance of connector configuration in MEP families
  • Work with graphical and non-graphical information
  • Create reliable and consistent content for your project delivery team

Areas covered:

  • Introduction to creating families
  • The importance of correct template selection in family creation
  • Creating the optimal parametric framework for your family
  • Knowing parameter types and their application
  • Effective application of geometry to the parametric framework
  • Application of detail using model and symbolic lines
  • Control family appearance using visibility display settings
  • Building a parametric library using family types
  • Connectors and connector configuration for intelligent systems that work
  • Understand in place families and their uses
  • The application of profiles in  MEP content creation
  • Annotation symbols and how to apply them
  • Create and manage shared parameters for custom data fields
  • Utilising existing models for  MEP content creation
  • How to apply a light source and photometric information to a lighting fixture

Course length:

1 day

The course cost is £354 per delegate
The course cost with Accelerate grant is £212.40 per delegate

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