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Design Innovation Network Launch

Morning Session: Design for positive change

In the morning session, we will stimulate discussion on the possibilities for Design in Innovation.

We’ll hear from six Design Innovation thought leaders, engage in an interactive panel session and you’ll have the opportunity to share what you’d like the Design Innovation Network to offer.

Afternoon session: Building Design in Innovation

After an inspiring morning session we’ll focus on some of the practicalities of Design in Innovation: funding, navigating design disciplines, the variety of approaches to designing and finding as well as selecting the right design talent.

We’ll initiate the conversation with a fireside chat and open the floor for audience questions and wider discussion.


Morning Session: Design for Positive Change
Session Outline

    • Welcome and Introduction to the Design Innovation Network
    • Hello from the Design Innovation Network Advisory Panel
    • Design as a foundational component of the Innovate UK Plan for Action
    • Six perspectives on Design for Positive Change:
      • Tim Kerby, CEO, Edinburgh Systems
        Systems thinking for innovators.
      • Merle Hall, CEO, Kinner DuFort
        Design for inclusion.
      • Cat Drew, Design Director, Design Council
        Design for Planet | A perspective for the innovation community.
      • Matthew Mullen, Growth and Community Leader, Thales Design Office
        Using strategic design within a global business.
      • Alison Prendiville, Professor of Service Design, University of the Arts London
        Design at low Technology Readiness Levels and at the very earliest stages of innovation.
      • Adrian Westaway, Founder, Special Projects
        Using design to inform decision making and to manage complexity and uncertainty – a practical example.

Afternoon Session: Design Innovation
Session Outline

  • Fireside chat on the opportunities and challenges relating to Design in Innovation in practice
  • Open Q&A and discussion

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